Native Dye Plants of Texas


  1. Desert Rhubarb (Wild Carrot): A yield strong orange brown with relative ease.
  2. Rabbitbrush: Will yield a strong clear yellow color.
  3. Blue Elderberry: Yield a light purple color,
  4. Showy Goldenrod: Yields a bright yellow color
  5. Biden ( tickseed sunflower): Yields a strong orange color.
  6. Pokeweed: Yields a strong magenta color.
  7. Black Walnut: Yields a brown color.
  8. Trembling Aspen: Yield yellow shades.
  9. Mountain Mahogany: Yield a light brown shade.
  10. White Sage: Yields green tones.
  11. Curly Dock: Yields a soft pink color
  12. Sheep Sorrel: Yields a rich forest green.
  13. Prickly Pear Cactus: Yields shades of rose and orange colors.
  14. Cota: Yields orange and yellow shades.
  15. Horsetail: Yields rose shades,
  16. Fennel: Yields shades of soft sage to deep forest green.

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