Making a Difference

The economic crisis is the sign that the world is changing fast. In 10 years 60% of the current jobs will be replaced by machines.
Safety is an illusion.
But this change is also the greatest opportunity of all times.
Because today a single person has the power to make a difference, to spread their message across the world.
Yes, everyone would like to win easy, to avoid the risk to lose the job, the reputation, the time.
But the magic of happiness lies in the craziness to risk.
You don’t need to wait for permission to live the life that you desire.
You can start today.
You have to take action.

The following steps will help you make a difference in life and put you on the path towards excellence.
1. Be remarkable

In today’s world you need to risk.

Because the truth is that seeking safety is actually the riskiest thing you can do in the current economy.

In the age of information, we live in such a noisy world. You have to be truly remarkable to stand out.

If you fit in, if you are average, if you don’t develop a passion you will be invisible.

And being invisible means you’re doomed to fail.
2. Be crystal clear about what you want

“I want more money” it doesn’t work, it’s too general.

You have to have clarity. Clarity is power.

You have to know exactly what you want. And then your brain knows how to get there.

Your brain, when you condition it, knows exactly how to find a way to get there.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, you’re not going to achieve it.

You can get whatever you want but you have to know what it is.
3. Be curious

Be curios, explore new things, allow the Universe energy to flow. Move into the space of curiosity, which is a joyous state of not knowing.

To be in a state of “allowing”, means to deliberately choose thoughts, words and actions that allow your desires to manifest in your reality.

To make this possible, your thoughts, words and actions must line up with your desires. It is a state of deliberate focus and inspired action.

4. Find your purpose
You have to know your purpose, why you want something.

Because when you set a big
goal life will knock you down
many times.

That’s when people
give up.

But if you have clarity
of values you still understand
why you are there. If you know
your purpose, if you know why you’re doing it then you’ll be able to pick yourself up every single day.
5. Have a massive action plan

You have to have a massive action plan. You have to have enough plans or always invent new others.

Otherwise when you fail the first times you’re going to make excuse why they didn’t work and give up.

The difference that makes the difference

This is best time in history to make a difference. The world is full of opportunities.

You can make a difference. You can inspire millions of people.
The real question is “will you do it?”.
You can win or you can lose. But the good news is that if you lose you can always get up and try again.

Don’t settle for average, don’t settle for the illusion of safety. You’re better than that.

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