• img_6498The secret to getting ahead is to focus your energy not on fixing and disputes of yesterday, but on building and growing something new right

As the sun sets on one chapter of my life a new dawn brings the beginning of a new one.

Let the Adventure begin.

Thank you to all my friend and family that supported me in this difficult time . I love and appreciate you more then words can ever express.

With the new transition I made a difficult decision of selling the rest of my adorable Angora Goat heard and downsize to 5 of my beautiful wool sheep that will supply me with fabulous fleece for my designs.

So here it is . The launch into my new adventure :

Lovely Tattered (Memoirs Handmade)

Every item is handcrafted Clothing, Accessories and many very unique treasures using only refurbished fabrics and notions that could tell stories 😁

“I feel that Clothes aren’t just clothes. They’re an outlet for expression…a way to let the world know who we are and how we want to be seen..’

  • More then 10 years ago I made the decision to choose a career in farming. Raising Angora Goats and Wool Sheep for their luxurious fiber that I use to spin textured yarns as well as creating art felt.
  • Early on I was inspired by the early “Peasant” Style and designed a complete line of  clothing and accessories that made up my personal wardrobe. The designs are not only celebrate the feminine beauty in every woman, but also are extremely comfortable and practical .
  • By using reconditioned vintage textiles that I hand dye and stitch, each item is a one of a kind handcrafted original with a perfect nostalgic flair of a time long forgotten.
  • Every item I create is inspired by nature’s beauty and my passion of being able to turn fabrics that had been discarded in one of a kind wearables.
  • I live in a little corner in the beautiful Texas Hill Country ,where I share my creative life with loving family and friends as well as my goats, sheep, dogs and a cat that lives underneath my perfect little House.

You can find me at Fredericksburg Texas Trade Days every month in Barn #3

I hope you enjoy my little menagerie of handcrafted treasures just as much as me creating them.